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Gemstone Education

Adventurine - (Aventurine) - A good luck stone, especially in financial matters. Stimulates creativity, intelligence and perception. A great healing stone, it gives a sense of mental and emotional well-being.
Agate - general protection and healing, increases courage, self-confidence, and energy and promotes longevity. Also good for gardening.
Alexandrite - renewal and regeneration, openness to higher self. Brings love, joy, and luck.
Amazonite - helps clarify and improve thinking.
Amber - healing, protection from negativity, attractiveness and energy.
Amethyst - increases vivid dreams, relieves depression, promotes calm, serenity, and spirituality. Helps with addiction and stress.
Apatite - helps stuttering and hypertension. Rids one of guilt and grief.
Aquamarine - improves sight, sharpens the mind, calms and clarifies emotions.
  Aragonite - grounding and centering, facing truth and reality.
  Azurite - increases psychic ability and aids in meditation. Relieves arthritis and joint pain.
Bloodstone - healing, especially related to the blood. Increases courage and charitability.
Carnelian - combats fear of public speaking and impotence. General healing stone.
Chrysocolla - soothes nervous tension.
Chrysoprase - soothes heartache and helps depression, promotes emotional balance, wisdom, and peace.
Citrine - helps digestion and aids in mental and intellectual functions. Increases self-esteem.
Coral - helps in childbirth and adoption. Wards off bad thoughts from others and promotes general well-being.
Flourite - (multicolor) - enhances spiritual energy work, focuses the will and balances the psyche.
Garnet - balances your natural energy. A highly protective stone.
  Goldstone - uplifting, reduces tension and stomach problems.
Hematite - great stone for grounding. Calms and soothes, reducing stress and blood pressure.
Howlite - Howlite - reduces stress and anxiety. Quietly soothes and calms to bring gentleness and patience.
Jade - Jade - wisdom, mercy, humility, generosity, peace, and harmony. Protective and lucky when worn as jewelry.
Red Jasper - helps with conflict and aggression. Promotes grace and perserverence.
Leopard Skin Jasper - aids in finding and achieving life's goals.
Picture Jasper - stabilizing, balancing stone. Aids in visualization and meditation.
labradorite.jpg (1550 bytes) Labradorite - strengthens the will and inner strength and convictions. Aids in combating addictions.
lapislazuli.jpg (1580 bytes) Lapis Lazuli - emotional healing and stability. High intensity stone which cleanses the spirit to bring out inner truth and peace.
malachite.jpg (1470 bytes) Malachite - strong stone which helps release negative emotions and protect from psychic attack.
moonstone.jpg (1395 bytes) Moonstone - helpful in psychic work. Opens the spirit to the feminine aspect. Draws love and helps in interpersonal relationships.
morganite.jpg (1546 bytes) Morganite - love, empathy, patience and compassion. Heals the emotional self.
onyx.jpg (1635 bytes) Onyx - good protective stone. Also releases old relationships and keeps away general negativity.
peridot.jpg (1629 bytes) Peridot - alleviates anger, fear, and anxiety. Aids digestion and insomnia and increases psychic powers.
  Quartz - the greatest of all healing stones. Acts as an amplifier for psychic energy and aids meditation and visualization.
rosequartz.jpg (1270 bytes) Rose Quartz - great for attracting love. Promotes self-loving and heals emotional wounds as well as promoting peace, forgiveness, and nurturing.
smokyquartz.jpg (1270 bytes) Smoky Quartz - a grounding stone which helps reduce depression and negative emotions.
rhodochrosite.jpg (1601 bytes) Rhodochrosite - love drawing stone. Helps release past psychological issues. Helps eyesight.
rhodonite.jpg (1482 bytes) Rhodonite - self-affirmation and self-love. Fosters ability to remain calm in arguments and resolve disagreements in a loving way.
sardonyx.jpg (1606 bytes) Sardonyx - encourages self-control and courage in public speaking. Relieves anxiety and grief. Protection, luck, and peace.
snowflakeobsidian.jpg (1516 bytes) Snowflake Obsidian - protects against nightmares and emotional draining.
sodalite.jpg (1623 bytes) Sodalite - dispells guilt and fear and draws wisdom.
tanzanite.jpg (1496 bytes) Tanzanite - increases psychic abilities and enhances spiritual connectedness.
tigerseye.jpg (1338 bytes) Tiger's Eye - clear thinking, helps in manifesting will, courage, and confidence.
topaz.jpg (1730 bytes) Topaz - soothes physical pain, promotes peace and calms emotions, as well as promoting forgiveness.
tourmaline.jpg (1603 bytes) Tourmaline Topaz - (multicolor) - calm, protection, focus, and balance. Promotes self-assurance and goodwill.
black.jpg (1410 bytes) Black Topaz- strong protection from negative energies. Reduces fears, obsessions, neurosis, and panic with a calm rootedness.
pink.jpg (1756 bytes) Pink Topaz- promotes compassion, love and healing of emotional pain.
green.jpg (1723 bytes) Green Topaz- cleanses and detoxifies the spirit, brings prosperity.
blue.jpg (1735 bytes) Blue Topaz- helpful with verbal, speech, and throat problems. Mental peace and patience.
watermelon.jpg (1561 bytes) Watermelon Topaz - heals old emotional pains and brings emotional understanding.
turquoise.jpg (1548 bytes) Turquoise - healing stone. Attracts friendships, luck, and happiness. Releases shame and guilt.
unakite.jpg (1434 bytes) Unakite - promotes balance and emotional stability. Transforms negative emotions into positive ones. A grounding stone.

One Troy Ounce = 1.0971 Avoirdupois Ounce = 0.0686 Avoirdupois Pound
One Troy Ounce = 31.1035 Grams = 20 Pennyweights (DWT)
One DWT (pennyweight) = 1.55517 Grams
One Kilogram = 32.15076 Troy Ounces.
One Gram = 5 Carats = .03527 Oz. Avoir. = .03215 Oz. Troy
One Avoirdupois Ounce = .91146 Oz. Troy = 28.3495 Grams = .0625 Lb.
One Avoirdupois Pound = 14.583 Oz. Troy = 453.6 Grams
One Inch = 25.4 Millimeters = 2.54 Centimeters
One Millimeter = .039 Inch = .1 Centimeter = .001 Meter

Inches = MM times .03937
MM = Inches divided by .03937
Pi = 3.14
Area = 3.14 (Pi) times the radius squared
Circumference = Diameter times 3.14
Average Diameter of an Oval = Length plus Width divided by 2
Area of an Oval = Longest Diameter times Shortest Diameter times .7854
Outside Bezel Length = Average Diameter of Stone plus Bezel thickness times 3.14

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